BitDroid was my first Android app, since it has evolved with the platform since Android 1.5 it has changed a lot over the years, for the better. Android has grown in leaps and bounds, most notably since the introduction of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). As a result Android has started to look (and work) much, much better than before. I had restyled BitDroid before after it broke horribly on all Android 4+ devices due to changes in the underlying system.

BitDroid Evolution

The Evolution of BitDroid (Left to Right: v.0.5-1, 2, 2.5, 3)

I was ready to retire the BitDroid name (and terrible icon) in favor of something new. BitDroid is dead. Long live BitDroid!

Brevos Wings

Welcome to Brevos. Brevos is all new, new icon, new colors, new features, same great link creation and statistics.

Brevos is a completely redesigned version of BitDroid, on the inside and out. I swapped all of my web service calls to use Square’s Retrofit and a combination of Dagger and Green Robot’s EventBus to make development faster, keep the code cleaner and most importantly, make Brevos more stable to the end user.

Brevos Main Screen

The new home screen displays some of your recent links, saving you a tap in the process.

Brevos Main Screen

I’ve added some fancy new graphs to better visualize link performance. I created an on-boarding experience for those new to my app.

One of my favorite new features is the pop-over that displays when you shorten from other apps. This was heavily inspired by Pocket’s “Add to Pocket” feature which doesn’t take you out of the app you are using to add something to your Pocket.

I hope that you enjoy the new version of BitDroid Brevos and continue sending feedback about things you would like to see.

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