I started a list of goals at the beginning of this year of things I would like to do or accomplish.  We're about half-way through 2010 and I wanted to update my list to see how I'm doing.  Some goals are not ones that I simply achieve and then move on, so I'm not marking those off completely.

  1. Don't use my phone while driving (except to answer a call or navigate) - I've been trying hard to do this, but keep finding excuses to use my phone while I drive.  Still working on this one :(
  2. Add a blog to my sad little website - The fact that you are reading this proves I added a blog component to my site.  It could use some work, but it is here.
    1. Publish 1 technical blog post each month - Yeah this didn't happen.
    2. Post at least once a week - Neither did this, it seems I mixed them up and post only once a month, and not always on something technical.   Blogging on a regular basis is hard.
  3. Only use Twitter on my phone while at work - This lasted about a month, I've been pretty good about reading on my phone and occasionally posting on my computer.
  4. Only check Google Reader at home, or on my phone at breaks. - This lasted about a week, I mostly do it on breaks, so I have scaled back considerably.
  5. Get our house ready for a baby (paint, furniture, etc) - We've painted and are in the process of getting the furniture ready to go.
  6. Help Alisha get her photography business going
    1. New computer/laptop - We've setup my desktop and she's been using that
    2. Photoshop - Not yet - Alisha loves http://picnik.com, it works for most everything she needs.
    3. Camera stuff (umbrella flash, hot shoe flash) - We got another drop-cloth and browsed lighting options
  7. Develop my own Android app, and publish to the market - Boom! (May) and recently updated (June)
  8. Organize the garage (get shelves and such for walls) - Not yet
  9. Organize the Master Closet - Not yet
  10. Organize the front room/office - Not yet
  11. Go through the boxes in the guest closet, toss/store farther away from sight. -  Not yet
  12. Buy/make bed frame for master bed. - Not yet
So, I'm half-way through the year and less than half-way through the list, I'll continue updating my Android app, helping Alisha with her Photography business and we'll continue working on the house.  Now, that we are expecting (we found out in March) some of the goals may have to wait in order to accommodate our new child.