I did it, I got all the kinks worked out, made myself a fancy icon, and put menus all over the place. My app has been published, look for it in the Android Market under "BitDroid" or "com.thunsaker" or scan this handy QR code:

The app isn't much right now, all it lets you do is enter a username, anyone will do, and it will show you the public list of urls that have been shortened by that user. Here's my list:

The application will be evolving over time, I still need to work in actual url shortening, and then verification of username with bit.ly api key.  More work, but for right now, I'm just happy to have something in the Android Marketplace.  Feedback is welcome, let me know if it crashes on you, I was only able to test on two devices: G1 and Droid Incredible.