I was interested in android development before I bought my first Android device. It wasn’t until recently that I tried to do something more than the typical “Hello, World!” intro app.

Switching gears from asp.net/C# Web/Windows Mobile development to Java was quite difficult, as well as switching from the newly launched Visual Studio 2010 to Eclipse. Its been a few years since my first Java class so I was a little rusty on the syntax, and the general practices of Java. Thanks to numerous tutorials and open source projects I was able to find out what I needed to know to get my app to do what I want.

I haven’t gotten anything other than a custom ListView going. The list is pulled from my bit.ly history in JSON format and placed into my custom list.


Clicking the globe takes you to the web browser, the title is displayed at the top of each item and the full url scrolls under it. Long press will give you options to share (though I haven’t quite gotten that working yet.) I’ll be adding a login, settings and dashboard before this gets released to the Android Marketplace.